At Last!  Someone who knows what's what and can help you figure out those puzzling relationships and the often mystifying world of dating!  Sheila Van Houten is an international dating consultant, and she does telephone consultations all the time about love and relating!

One thing she has observed during decades of guiding people through love's pitfalls is that the questions about romance are the same the world over!  She has developed "The Love Wheel", the 12 most frequently asked questions about love.  She uses it in conjunction with her special love deck for an amazingly accurate assessment of your situation and what to do about it!

Now YOU can have a one-one consultation with Sheila about YOUR dating and romance questions for $60 USD.  Pay with Sheila's branded PayPal buy page using your debit or credit card:  PayPal.Me/MyMagicPalm

Call Sheila at 612-866-1269 Central time to arrange your appointment, private-message her on Facebook, or email her at

Here is just one of many stellar testimonials. 

"Sheila nails it every time!  So accurate, it's uncanny!  I understand my partner so much better now!  Thank you, Sheila!"  N. Beechman

Sheila is co-author with Tonja Waring of the 5-star rated book, "Manifesting Romance:  Happily Ever Laughter".  Just type Sheila Van Houten into the Amazon search window, and all four of Sheila's books will pop up!  Very eye-opening reading, all of them!

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