Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, is a veteran entrepreneur who started her business in 1979 as a career-and-life coach and trainer.  She has helped literally thousands of motivated people find their best careers and happiest lifestyles. 

Sheila makes it fun, easy, and affordable to reach your goals and get what you want!

If you are seeking career and/or life change, you will want to visit CareerAction.Biz.

If you are a U.S. veteran, or part of a military family, Sheila has gifted her entire career/life action program to you!  All you pay is a low $25 per private consultation only as you need them.  The program itself is free and is self study.  A support system is recommended but not required.  See TroopsInTransition.Com to request your program and to make your consulting donations.  All other donations go through that site as well.  Our troops and their families deserve a lot more than they are getting, and Sheila is doing her part to see that they do get more.  Her program is proven and life changing.

If you need encouragement, upliftment, and energizing, be sure to visit Sheila's online art gallery at DiscoveryArt.Info.  Sheila is a talented abstract/mixed-media artist.  Her work is currently in 20 states and 20 countries helping to uplift patients of all ages, circumstances, and conditions, especially Alzheimers.  +150 amazing paintings are in Sheila's gallery, and it will take you about 10 seconds to feel joyous just browsing through them!

Sheila has four published books on Amazon.Com.  If you type Sheila Van Houten into Amazon's search box, all four will pop up for you.  If you are seeking romance, Sheila recommends "Manifesting Romance:  Happily Ever Laughter", co-authored with Tonja Waring, "The My Pillow Lady".

Sheila's own skin-care formulation that has kept her wrinkle free ever since she created it from a meditation when she was 28, is now available at GoodKarmaSkincare.Com.  People are raving about Good Karma Skin Care products and how wonderful their skin looks and feels.  Be sure to watch the short video on the home page to see Sheila's story!

Sheila and Brian have been happily married since 1987.  They are still flirting with each other, and they both declare, "Love rules!"  If you have romance questions, Sheila can answer them!  She is an international dating consultant.

Best of the best, and thank you for visiting MyMagicPalm.Com today!